The only thing that is just as fun as puffing on a delicious new vape fragrance – is to bust some myths surrounding this habit. 

If you love vaping and find lots of relief from inhaling the sweet fragrances produced by these electronic devices then you probably don’t like to hear all of the misconceptions that are making the rounds. Vape enthusiasts often endure a lot of stigmatisation and conflict.

It is quite rewarding to expose some false conceptions about vaping or e-liquids and it is always fun to learn something interesting about these delectable products.

If you love learning about vapes or busting the myths surrounding these products as much as we do then you should keep reading. We are about to share some of the latest and most interesting findings on Vapes.

Flavours are the cause of underage vaping

Plenty of health officials have started blaming the stylish packaging and designs of vapes and the tasty flavours for vaping among youths. While it is quite fun to explore the many different aromas and vaping brands, the sweet taste of these products is NOT the leading cause of vaping in youths. According to research, the main reason so many flock to these delectable products is because of peer pressure. This basically means that youths will keep trying to get their hands on vapes for as long as it is trendy among the popular groups and changing the packaging or tasty flavours will have little to no impact. 

Disposables have the same nicotine amounts as 50 cigarettes

Plenty of media outlets claimed that disposable vapes contained shocking amounts of nicotine. This is hardly the truth for your average disposable. The typical cigarette contains 10 – 15mg of nicotine and a pack of 20 cigarettes contains about 200 – 300 mg of nicotine. The average 2ml vape only contains about 40mg of nicotine and provides between 600 – 800 puffs. 

If you puff on a 5% e-liquid vap, you will need to take 30 – 50 puffs before ingesting the same quantity of nicotine that a cigarette would provide. That is an insane amount of puffing to do in one go while a cigarette can be finished within minutes.

On the whole, e-cigarettes contain significantly less nicotine compared to traditional tobacco.

Vapes are not regulated – there is no telling what is in them

This is only true if you buy cheap knockoff vapes. Vapes provided by licensed brands are required to display detailed information regarding all of the ingredients. Reputable brands also put their products through rigorous testing to ensure the safety of the consumer. As long as you stick to a quality vaping brand, you will always know exactly what you are consuming.

Vaping can be dangerous to those around you

Presently, no evidence supports this myth. There is a lot of evidence that proves that secondhand cigarette smoke can cause serious health implications. Secondhand vaping, on the other hand, has yet to deliver any proof that it might be harmful. 

Naturally, it is always best to avoid vaping around children and infants. This isn’t just for the sake of their health. Kids tend to copy from adults and might form unhealthy habits as a result. It is also more respectful to avoid smoking around others because we all should have the freedom to choose what we inhale into our lungs. 

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