You may have heard some alarming news in the past few years about exploding vape pens, sometimes horrifying in their details. Is there an epidemic of exploding vape pens or is it all smoke? What is causing vape pens to explode and how can you make sure that this doesn’t happen to you?

Are Vape Pens Really Exploding?

It is indeed true that some vape pens have exploded, sometimes causing alarm but no harm, but other times causing serious injury. Many news headlines come out of the United States, where perhaps due to misuse or perhaps due to faulty products and lax controls more dangerous and untested devices may be prone to exploding.

The fact of the matter is that with tens of millions of vape users worldwide, these cases are a tiny minority. Still, you certainly wouldn’t want to be one of the unlucky ones to have had to experience an exploding vape pen!

Causes of Vape Pen Explosions and How to Avoid Them

Investigations into claims of exploding vape pens often point to the lithium-ion batteries used to power the device as the culprit. Moreover, many such cases involve improper usage of the device.

The majority of exploding vape pen batteries come from customisable non-disposable vapes, especially older models and those manufactured with poor quality controls in place.

Disposable vape pens often don’t permit the user to easily disassemble the battery since the device is designed for use up to a certain number of puffs and can then be discarded, so mishandling the battery should not be a concern so long as you are using the vape pen properly.

Specifically, vape pen batteries can explode due to what is called thermal runaway. Lithium-ion batteries may be prone to a circular feedback of continually shorting themselves. The result is an overheating battery that explodes since the heat must be expelled somehow.

How to Use Your Vape Pen Responsibly and Minimise Harm

Thermal runaway is not unique to vape pens and indeed was a major cause of concern for major mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung with specific models of the Galaxy smartphone. Mobile scooters and other electronic devices have also been known to experience thermal runaway and sometimes with catastrophic consequences. Fortunately, this tends to be extremely rare, although even one case leading to injury or death can be thought of as “too much.”

Vape users should always be sure to purchase products from reputable manufacturers and retailers such as Vape Homie that stock quality vape pens that have been rigorously tested for quality in the manufacturing process.

Most vape pens are manufactured in China and quality controls may be lax, but in order to be sold legally in Australia products must meet certain standards. Nevertheless, it is always worthwhile to read consumer reports for various products and, in particular, the manufacturer, to ensure that you are purchasing a safe product.

In addition to researching products and choosing a reputable vape pen retailer, always use your vape pen in a responsible manner. Although it might seem boring, read the manufacturer’s instructions and take note of how and where you should store your vape pen, if there are temperature zones for safety, how to dispose of it safely, and so on.

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